What’s in your Guild Bank?

A month or so ago, I posted some threads in our guild forums for people to provide feedback on a number of topics.  Roksi and I wanted to do a status check of sorts and confirm that everyone was still happy with how things were working out and ensure that everyone was still operating with the same set of assumptions in preparation of the new expansion and as kind of a wrap up from the current expansion.

One of the topics was our guild bank.  We have made several changes to how it is run and managed over the last couple of years, and we wanted to get some feedback, fish for suggestions on how to improve, and ensure that everyone was satisfied with how it is being managed.  I thought it might be interesting to some to share how we are currently managing our Guild Bank, some of the discussion from the recent discussion, and our plans for the future.  If anyone is interested, we could probably talk about how we arrived at our current setup as well but I suspect that we would spend far more time talking about all of the things that didn’t work and the things that have turned out to work wonderfully might get swallowed up in the discussion.

I think one of our members phrased it really well and so I am just going to copy the relevant part of his post here:

In my mind, the ideal raiding guild’s bank serves up to (but not always including) 4 main functions. My personal list, in order of importance:

1) Raiding repair cost.
2) Assist with raiding consumable cost.
3) Assist with Crafting materials that require raiding to acquire (Saronites, orbs, that sort of deal)
4) Assist with costs of enchanting gear acquired in (and possibly out of) raids.

I think as long as a Guild bank covers (1) it is an average guild bank. If it covers (1) and (2) it is a good guild bank. If it covers (1), (2), and (3) then it is a great guild bank. If it covers all of the above the guild bank does everything anyone should ever ask of it. Anything it does above and beyond these 4 functions people should be extra thankful for.

Our bank has covered all of these functions well, and managed to even make gold throughout the expansion. No, it doesn’t have several hundreds of thousands of gold like some guild banks, but thats kind of a consequence of being a 10 man raiding guild vs. a 25 man raiding guild (less things to sell). This might change with Cataclysm.

When we made the switch to 10man raiding, around August 2009, we made some fundamental changes to how we were managing our guild bank.  At the time of the switch, I think that we had around 15-20k in cash, and a bunch of relatively useless “junk” filling up the majority of our 6 tabs.  We did have quite a few “potentially useful” items littered here and there, but there was no real organized way to get those items into anyones hands to use.  We have been hovering around 100k gold for several months now.  The lack of further growth is most likely because we have been averaging ~40-50 wipes on Heroic Arthas and/or Heroic Hallion a week for quite awhile.

Some basic principles:

How is our guild bank funded?:

  • All BoE’s that drop in raid, with the sole exception being BoE equipment that is a clear upgrade for someone’s main spec, is sold on the auction house, all proceeds get deposited into the bank.  This includes patterns, “orbs”, and equipment.
  • We sell flasks, food, potions, and enchants out of the guild bank to raiders.  We try and set the prices at ~30-50% of the fair market value. (cheaper items are closer to market value and stupidly expensive items are much less than market value)  The greater majority of the materials used to craft these items are donated by guild members though we occasionally by items in bulk from the AH if we find a great deal or we run short for whatever reason.
  • We sell any excess “stuff” that we accumulate.  This can include consumables, enchanting mats (abyss crystals especially), and random crafting mats leftover from other things.
  • **** Once Cataclysm drops, we will get some sort of income through guild perks 5/10% of all gold looted gets deposited into the guild bank. I will be curious to see what sort of income this generates. ****

What does our guild bank provide?:

  • Guild repairs for all raiders.
  • The ability to purchase/withdraw 1 stack of 3 Flasks, 1 stack of food, and 1 stack of potions per raid from the guild bank.  (prices are listed on the info tab and gold deposits work on the honor system)
  • Deeply discounted enchants for all raid gear (which includes offspec gear for most of the raid)
  • When ICC came out, we purchased a bunch of primordial saronites and offered to subsidize everyone getting the new boots and legs crafted.  (Everyone who came up with the rest of the required mats was given 1 primordial from the guild bank for each item crafted)  The bank also paid for some new frost resist gear for some people when we started in on Sindragosa Hard Mode.
  • Prior to 4.0.1 recently, we made up a pile of every possible glyph for all of our raiding members and mailed them out.  Unused glyphs were dropped back into the gbank and we opened them up for alts, then we sold off everything that wasn’t claimed within the first week or so. (I think we ended up either breaking even or slightly ahead with the inflated glyph prices)

How is our bank setup?: (I am only going to put pictures of a 1-2 tabs because we just recently liquidated ~90% of our stockpiles in preparation of cataclysm coming out and so most of our bank is empty)

  • Tab 1 “Company Store”:

    This is our company store tab

    This tab is set so that anyone who is raiding rank (we have up to 12 people at raiding rank at any given time) can make up to 3 withdrawals from this tab a day.  We have a policy in place that people are allowed to withdraw 1 stack of food, 1 stack of potions, and 1 stack of 3 flasks for each raid they attend.  Prices are listed on the info tab.  Everything operates on the honor system as far as preventing people from taking 3 stacks of flasks or whether or not they pay for what they take.  The tab *IS* set up however to prevent people from manipulating the stack size, and so the worst that can happen is someone “ninjas” 9 flasks from this tab.

  • Tab 2 “To Be Named”: Once cataclysm comes out, this will be the tab used for guild members to purchase “high value” items from the bank (things like enchant scrolls and epic gems)  We have also set aside a guild rank specifically to allow people access to this bank tab.  When someone needs access to this tab, one of the people with the ability to promote/demote will bump the person into this rank, the person will withdraw whatever they need, deposit the gold, and then they will get moved back to their appropriate rank.  This allows “officers” to give someone access from anywhere in the game and will also create a “paper trail” in the guild log of who was granted access along with the actual bank log.
  • Tab 3 “Stockroom”:  This is where we keep the extra consumables used to stock the “Company Store” tab
  • Tab 4 “Pantry”:  This is where we keep all of the raw mats for crafting consumables including raw foods, spices, herbs, lotuses, vials, etc…
  • Tab 5 “Green Room”: We encourage everyone to donate any “greens” they end up with from questing or running dungeons or any extra enchanting mats to this tab.  All greens are DE’d and the mats are stockpiled in this tab.
  • Tab 6 “The Vault”: This is really just our catch-all tab for collecting and storing “stuff.”  Some examples of things we usually have in here:  Leg armors and spell threads, belt buckles, Drums of the wild/kings, Fort scrolls, Int scrolls, “Stuff” that needs to be sold (BoE’s or extra “orbs”), and etc…
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