Bane of the Fallen King

We killed Heroic Lich King-10 tonight.

Gaia and I will write more about it tomorrow but for now, it’s time to log off the computer and relax. I don’t think I breathed during raid tonight.

I’m one proud GM – not just because we finally won, but because of the effort, patience and teamwork our raiders displayed while working on this fight. Thanks team.

We did it!!!!!11111one

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2 Responses to Bane of the Fallen King

  1. Kae says:

    Congratulations! Definitely a huge rush to finally down him, isn’t it? đŸ˜€

    • Gaia says:

      Thanks for the congratulations, I was on a serious adrenaline high last night after the raid, it took me forever to get to sleep.

      We couldn’t have asked for a better kill either, we spent the whole not inching closer and closer to the kill and then everything finally clicked for our last attempt and he died about 2 minutes before the end of our raid. It would have been tough to have to extend our ID again after seeing him so close on so many attempts last night. I’m think the repeat should be fairly painless for our one raider who had to sit out for the night.

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