Heroic Lich King: The Sequel

So Monday, we got our first HLK kill.  It was a really awesome raid week in general last week as we watched our attempts get closer and closer.  We could clearly see ourselves creeping closer and closer to a kill and then on Monday, last night of raiding before the lockout, we ended up killing him with about 3minutes before our raid ends (and yes, we would have quit for the night if we had screwed it that attempt up)

I wanted to post something along the lines of the post Kae made over at Dreambound about their experience progressing toward their first HLK kill or the similar post Vidyala made regarding their progress through the Firefighter encounter but haven’t found the time for it yet.  Incidentally, our biggest “ordeal” fights this expansion were Yogg+1 and HLK I think, mostly because we did Yogg+1 before Firefighter.  Instead, I wanted to briefly share another awesome moment that was our last two nights of raiding.

First, inspired by my recent post on speed runs, we managed to clear all of heroic ICC up to Arthas on Wednesday in just over 2 hours (not including normal mode Marrowgar because some n00b raid leading druid tank forgot to switch it to heroic.)  A flurry of internet boss issues ended up defeating our plans to go for a full heroic clear in one night and we ended up just heading to Naxx for the weekly raid quest.

For last night’s raid, we went and took another stab at the Algalon’s “He feeds on your tears” achievement and failed when the n00b Bear tank came out of the shadow realm too far from the boss and failed to save the big bang soaking shadow priest before the boss had him for a mid-fight snack.  We went on to get the “Supermassive” achievement though so all was not lost.  We were then mainly killing time waiting for our last core raider to get home from work so that we get him in for the HLK kill he missed on Monday.  Once he got home and logged in, we went and very nearly one-shot Arthas right out of the gate, two disconnects during phase3 left us at 13.9% when the last person died.  We went back in though and two attempts later he was dead for the second time.

I was pretty pumped up on a “my guild is awesome” high on Monday night after we killed him the first time after wiping for 4-5 months on him, but I think in a lot of ways I am even more proud of last night’s kill. It proves that it wasn’t just a fluke, we didn’t just happen to get lucky, and like I told the raid last night, and tell them every time one of them asks me why I always make them learn boss fights “the hard way”, repeatability is one of the core components to our success as a raiding guild over the last year and a half we have been doing 10mans. When we learn a boss fight, we genuinely *learn* the boss fight. We make sure that by the time the boss dies, everyone understands how the boss fight works, what is *supposed* to happen, how to react when it doesn’t happen that way, and most importantly, how to carry that knowledge over into the next time we see a similar boss mechanic.

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11 Responses to Heroic Lich King: The Sequel

  1. Vidyala says:

    Huge congratulations on your recent H LK kills, Gaia and Roksi. I don’t think anyone could have considered it a fluke, it took incredible dedication and perseverance! You all have a right to be really proud.

  2. Vosskah says:

    Congratulations on your kill, guys!!

  3. Roksi says:

    I shouldn’t edit my own replies because things like ^ that happen and I reply to the wrong person (I’ve only just taken my first sip of coffee today so it hasn’t fully kicked in yet).

    Anywho Voss! I never put two and two together that you were not only the Voss from BT but the Voss of http://swordboard.wordpress.com/

    Now that I know this – I’m off to go reply to your latest post and con you into being my friend on MR. I’ll pay gold. And cupcakes. One thing I have missed going to 10 mans is that tank team bond I had with our other warrior tanks. I’m the only warrior in the guild and thus have no one to share that ragey bond with (Gaia doesn’t count as a warrior replacement just because he too has a rage bar…he wears leather and has fur all over his body so he’s sort of alien like to me) and especially with the changes in 4.0.1…I have so many things to discuss!! With the recent loss of Tankingtips.com I’ve been desperate! Voss, you are my only hope (okay maybe the coffee kicked in a little too much).

    P.S. Please pass my note on to Vid since I can’t seem to click buttons correctly.

    • Roksi says:

      ….and I did it again.

      /rips the reply button off the website and feeds it to the dog

    • Vosskah says:

      🙂 Cupcakes are always welcome! And so is someone new to discuss this most awesome class, the warrior! Yes, the demise of tankingtips leaves a huge hole but there’s a lot of warriors trying to pick it up.
      I’m working on my next post, probably some of the thoughts about warrior speccing for H LK. I’d love to hear if you were MT or OT (or switch) on this fight.
      In the meantime, I would suggest the following:
      1. Be nice to the druids. They need it after the nerfs coming through on beta.
      2. Tone down the coffee. 😉
      I’m looking forward to reading more of your stuff, guys!

      • Roksi says:

        This fight was an absolute blast to tank. Warriors get to have so much fun using pretty much every tool in their kit.

        The furry guy with the big butt tanked LK. I think he got the boring job 🙂

        So I had the role of the other tank (I don’t really think in terms of MT and OT).

        We get to tank the Shambling Horrors and manage disease spreading, using the variety of stuns and short CDs a warrior has to control some of the damage.

        On transition phases, Heroic Throw is a life saver when we are silenced and Taunt doesn’t work. Also, being able to Charge into LK at the end of the transitions feels like cheating.

        In p2, we have Conc Blow/Shockwave/Charge Stun and, back when we could spec it, Piercing Howl to take care of the Valks. We also get to taunt them onto us while they are in the air to keep their Life Siphon on us instead of the raid. We have Safeguard and the Glyph of Intervene to help save the life of the LK tank (Gaia did discover he was able to take Soul Reaper comfortably without my help /sad panda).

        And in p3 we have a bunch of CDs at our disposable for Vile Spirit soaking and we get to jump up and down whacking our heads on purple ghosts to keep them off the raid.

        It’s like we were made to be the OT on this fight. We should relabel OT to FT for fun tank.

  4. Natori says:

    This is why we are slowly learning to keep Roksi away from computers unless entirely necessary

  5. Brunpal says:

    and like I told the raid last night,

    You gave us an inspirational speech Thurs? Over vent? We didn’t hear you because your vent isn’t working.

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