The Little Guild that Could

There’s a difference between “I think I can” and “I know I can.” There are guilds out there that know without a doubt that they will get all the bosses and various modes down. While our guild sets its sights on those big goals and we’d like to think we can reach them, we don’t know for certain that we will. We do give them everything we’ve got, and one thing we’ve never said is “we can’t.”

WotLK was an interesting time for the guild; there was a brief moment where I wasn’t even sure there’d be a guild to continue. Right as we were getting our feet wet in Naxx and OS, my husband and I had to deal with an emergency that took us off game for six months with no warning. That’s an eternity in WoW time.

When we were able to get back online, frankly I was surprised we had any members left. The guild definitely needed some work to get back on its feet so I asked for a lot of trust, we did some major housekeeping, and struck forth as a 10-man guild. What we ended up with was the guild I always dreamed of having.

When we first converted to 10s, I wasn’t sure what goals would be realistic for us to reach. Gaia, perhaps in a moment of insanity, said to me – let’s go for our Ulduar drakes and Algalon! I told him he was nuts, but it sounded awesome and would give us something to shoot for.

I need to stop here for a second, I’m totally sugar coating this. When Gaia suggested we shoot for the stars (get the Algalon reference?), it was the most far-fetched crazy plan someone could have come up with at that time. Our ship had been sinking, Celine Dion was actually singing in the background, that’s how dire it had gotten. We had just done the equivalent of steering the Titanic around that glacier and getting it back on course. It was too soon to know if our ship was still taking on water, if anyone was going to jump ship, if there was another glacier looming in the near distance or even if we had plotted the right course. Saying the plan was a pipe dream doesn’t do it justice.

Two very fun months later, we were flying around on some cool new mounts and shortly thereafter were sporting Starcaller titles next to our names. At that point, we decided to go for it and set our sights on trying to defeat everything Blizzard could throw our way. And somehow, we did it. So while having Heroic Lich King down is awesome because we killed the end boss, it’s not the only reason I’m proud. It’s because we were the guild that didn’t know it could but believed in itself enough to try.

There were definitely times through our “progress” on the HLK fight that I began to question if we really could, however giving up would have been worse than not giving it everything we had until the very end. Then one day, the usual happened. We broke through the wall we had been throwing ourselves at for months and everything clicked. The push through that wall was such an extraordinary leap we actually found ourselves scratching our heads asking what happened. Somehow after very little forward momentum on the fight, we suddenly found ourselves in the Frostmourne room for the first time. That’s all it took. We went from a hesitant “I think we can…maybe?” to an “OMG…I think we really can!!” and that confidence is all we needed.

Looking forward for Cataclysm, we still won’t be the guild that knows it can, but we’ll believe in ourselves enough to think we can, and will give it our best. I think we prefer it this way; it makes those successes taste even sweeter.

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3 Responses to The Little Guild that Could

  1. Gaia says:

    I don’t have any idea what in the hell you’re talking about… I had no doubt in our ability to get through everything but possibly HLK. The only reason I may have had some doubts about Arthas is simply because I wasn’t sure if we would see him dead before Cataclysm came out and rendered the encounter obsolete for the most part.

    I think I probably just need to write up my own version of all of this just to set the record straight. I wasn’t “insane,” I was visionary! We promised everyone that if they listened during raids, learned to look at learning to kill bosses as the reward instead of a chore, and committed themselves to continuing to improve their play from raid to raid at whatever pace they could, that we would do and see whatever there was to experience together.

    The whole idea was yours long before it was ever mine, which clearly makes you the insane one. I’m just the one who helped figure out how to put the whole thing together.

    • Roksi says:

      I’m totally allowed to take dramatic license. Everyone loves a good underdog story!!

      • Gaia says:

        I really sound far more angry in that reply than I should have. No idea why all of my writing has sounded so angry for the last week or so…

        I still really wish that Hallion hadn’t turned out to be such a disappointing pushover.

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