Attendance Tracking and Raid Slots: The *real* “loot crisis”

Introduction aka “what is this post about?”

I have posted before that, at least in our guild, loot simply isn’t an issue. The only real currency that our raiders care about is who gets to raid and who gets to be on standby for a given night.

One of the most difficult responsibilities of being a raid/guild leader, and one of the few I genuinely hate, is having to decide who gets to raid, and who gets put on standby.  Thankfully, Roksi is usually the one who shoulders the bulk of this responsibility, and it’s usually more my task to figure out how to accomplish the task in front of us with the raid she assembles. Also to her credit though, she allows me a fair amount of input when it comes to specific requirements for a given raid night.

Semi-random comments loosely related to the topic

Despite the frequent claims to the contrary around the internet, I don’t think that organizing and managing a 10man only guild’s roster is any easier than managing a 25man roster, they are just different. You have a whole lot more flexibility with a 25man roster. Even if you have 6-8 people sitting on the bench most nights, given a 3 night raid schedule, it is unlikely they will individually have to miss more than one raid a week each.  Imagine trying to juggle 10-12 regular bench warmers into your raid every week without anyone getting upset.

With a 10man roster, that same 6-8 bench warmers translates into 2-3 extra bodies you have to work with if you still want your whole raid team to raid on a reasonably regular schedule. Every bench warmer you have on a 10man raid team is equivalent to 2.5 for a 25man roster.  Our guild limits ourselves to 12-14 people on our active raid roster MAX. That is the same as a 25man guild running between 6 and 10 people who show up every raid hoping to get picked for the raid.  Ideally we would cut ourselves off at 12, but we have a couple of really valued raiders who have to travel for work like one week every couple months, and one member who has to be an hour late 1 out of 3 raids each week.  So rather than replace them outright, the group as a whole makes the sacrifice to carry an extra couple bodies on the roster.  The single biggest attribute that makes these raiders with “special needs” worth accommodating though is, without any question, their open and consistent communication with Roksi and myself. They keep us informed weeks in advance when they will be gone, and give us plenty of information and notice to make it as easy on us as possible.

Finally getting to the actual point of the post

All of that being said, we have developed a pretty cool system for tracking attendance in Production Company that I thought might be useful for others.  For anyone familiar with the U.S. military, it is based off of the same principles as a duty roster, except in reverse (since people mostly see raiding as more enjoyable than K.P.)

The system is also weighted to emphasize behaviors and factors that we value as a guild and offer incentive/penalties for things we want to dissuade.

Here is a screenshot of last March’s record:

Here is a link to a copy of the same data in spreadsheet form that people can play with. (I wonder how long it will take until someone defaces it or screws it up? It is set so that anyone can edit it so fair warning I have no idea what you might find by the time you are reading this)

Here is the explanation for what the different numbers mean:

Attendance Values:
1.5 == Person signed up and didn’t show
1.2 == Person signed up late or showed up late and raided
1.0 == Person signed up and attended the majority of the raid
0.8 == Person signed up and spent the majority of the raid in their offspec
0.5 == Person signed up and spent less than half the time in the raid
0.2 == Person signed up late or showed up late and did not raid (but still showed up)
0.00 == Person signed up and “sat out” for the night
“__” == Person didn’t sign up, signed up as tentative, or asked for the night off

Now obviously, these numbers represent what we value as a guild. I should also note that we also have our members sign up on a raid calendar on our website ~a week in advance.

When it comes time to fill the raid, we fill it with the appropriate number of tanks, healer, ranged dps, and melee dps to create a balanced raid.  When deciding which healers/dps to bring for the night in a particular raid slot, once raid comp has been accounted for, we look at the “% Attended” number. Lowest % Attended gets priority for the raid slot.

Mandatory image to break up the wall of text

Assuming they give us enough notice, the system does not penalize people in any way for taking some time off, days that are left blank are not factored into any of the calculations. People ARE however “rewarded” for sitting on standby for a raid (indicated by the zeros) and are “penalized” if they sign up and don’t show up (indicated by the 1.5’s)

The “Total” numbers were a rough way of tracking how often people were actually participating in raids.  It wasn’t implemented very well, but well enough to do what we needed (these numbers were tracked on a separate sheet that aggregated data from all months)

We also provide a very small “break” for the people who spend a great deal of time doing things like helping to heal with their offspec (the 0.8 number)  What this does is generally give these people a slightly higher priority compared to the rest of their “group” for invites and they generally end up sitting out ~1 less raid a month or so.

Previously, we were trying to operate on a system that was quite a bit less flexible. For example, if someone failed to sign up on time, they were likely going to be sitting out all week.  Unfortunately, we had a couple of healers that were taking advantage of the fact that we didn’t have the luxury of sitting them out all the time despite their signing up late.  What this system does though is allow us to choose to bring someone in for the sake of raid composition and then sit them out at some point in the future to “balance out” their numbers once we have the people online to allow it.

For the upcoming expansion we have revised a couple of things in how it works.  I redid how overall “activity” is tracked by calculating the actual percentage of raids that they participate in in some way. % Attendance is tracked in the same way, though we readjusted our numbers slightly.

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