Thoughts on Cataclysm so far

I managed to hit level 85 on the second day of the expansion.  I started in Hyjal, did about 2/3rd of the quests in deepholm, about 2/3rd of the quests in Uldum, and about 2/3rd of the quests in Twilight Highlands so far.  I have also gone back and done the first ~20 quests in Vash’ir to open up the zone and get my Earthen Ring tabard.

I have been really happy with the Two heroics I have run so far, SFK and DM x2.  The boss fights so far have been a lot of fun and hopefully the mechanics are designed in such a way that it will be a couple tiers at least before people will be blowing through the place and ignoring all of them.

Our first official raid is scheduled for January 3rd because we normally take a couple of weeks off for the holidays.  I think we will probably be squeezing in an informal “first look” raid next week though if we get a couple more bodies uo to the level cap and through at least a handful of heroics this weekend.

Our guild managed to get 6 realm firsts!  Five of the professions and the first shaman on the server.

The one thing I wanted to drop a comment about but don’t really feel like discussing in depth is to state that for the first time that I can remember, I am genuinely disappointed with how Blizzard handled something.  Usually I am a pretty die hard blizzard fanboy, have been for something like 25 years now since I got my first copy of the original warcraft.

Guild Achievements No Longer Give Guild XP:

I was really disappointed with how they handled the whole guild achievement giving guild XP deal though.  For them to claim that they somehow didn’t realize that there were guilds that would be hitting guild level 6 in the first 24 hours seems awfully silly to me.  I/we opted not to go too overboard and get all of the achievements out of the way too soon because we planned on using them for some fun off-time type events that we could pace out over the course of the leveling process.  I would have been shocked though if I would have heard that there weren’t guilds that went absolutely nuts with preparations and coordinating as many achievements as possible within the first day or two.

I would have much preferred it if Blizzard would have simply cut the experience gain from guild achievements by some large percentage than simply do away with it completely.  The notion that everyone in a guild was going to be able to “contribute to the cause” was one that had me pretty excited. That isn’t even really excited for my guild, but just excited for all the guilds out there with large groups of friends and family, ex-raiders, old friends, etc… that would now have a way to feel like they were part of the team again.

ProCo did one level 80 Heroic before they made the change and the guild got 500,000 XP for the ~8min it took to clear Heroic AN…  I completely understand why a change was called for here.  But to toss the whole thing out and then try and claim that they had somehow failed to anticipate this just makes me feel really…  disappointed.

As it now stands, the “race” for the Guild Feat of Strength for the first level 25 guild on the realm will simply be one by the guild with the most people online and ready to hit their “Complete Quest” button when the clock ticks over on the ~137th day of Cataclysm.

That counts as a “Feat of Strength?”  For those who haven’t been paying attention, ProCo has hit the daily experience cap every day of the expansion so far within the first hour of each day.  On the 3rd day, we only had 6 people online questing for most of that hour and still managed to hit the cap.  The daily cap is really kind of a joke that will now compel me to try and make sure we have at least 4 people every day log into run a couple of heroics together to make sure that the guild gets maxxed out on XP.  Oh joy -.-

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