Update from the trenches

I wanted to post an update since it’s been two weeks.

We wrapped up our second full raid lockout on Monday with 9/12 bosses dead.  We really should have been able to finish up at 11/12 but I misunderstood some key things about Phase 3 of the Al’Akir fight and so we spent 3/4ths of the raid on Monday on him without a kill.  We also haven’t killed Maloriak yet but I am pretty sure that is simply because we haven’t attempted him yet and I expect him to die without much of a fuss.

Overall, I have been happy with all of the fights so far and I am looking forward to starting hardmodes in a couple of weeks.  I am especially looking forward to the Nefarion fight, it looks like a lot of fun.  Hopefully we will get our first look at him this week.

Our raid team has just been outstanding so far and I am enjoying raids as much, or more so, than I ever have.  All of our dps are performing at or above any expectation I may have had and our healing team seems to be bonding well and adjusting to the new paradigm that Cataclysm has introduced.   Tanking has been a lot of fun and I have even gotten the chance to do a bit of feral dps’ing on the few fights we can get away with a single tank on.

Finally, I should probably mention the fact that we are recruiting again.  Both of our raiding priests have had shifts in their work schedule and will be afk from raids for at least 5-6 months.  While it has been awesome that we haven’t had to sit more than ~1 person a week almost at this point, we should really add another body to the rotation just to be safe.  Recruiting sucks though, especially for a group like ours where we only have an opening like twice a year and so all of the normal revolving door recruitment strategies just don’t make any sense. That means that we have to ramp up the whole recruiting machine from its state of hibernation every six months or so and it just feels like we are starting over from scratch. I know that not having to deal with it on a weekly basis is much nicer in the long run but it just makes the brief periods where we have to deal with it seem that much worse…  WTB Shadow Priest with some healing experience/willingness with the right mindset for hardmode progression raiding.  Gearscore must be greater than zero, must have weapon equipped, and must be able to avoid stabbing yourself in the eye  during combat. PST!

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