About Gaia

Gaia is one of the two primary tanks in Production Company, and hardmode 10man only guild on Moonrunner.

She is a night elf druid with a well developed backside and a skull thick enough to absorb the mightiest of boss hits.  Roksi and Gaia, ably assisted by the rest of our guild, have cleared almost everything available to us (bosses and achievements) in this expansion on our own terms.  What does that mean?  We raid 9 hours a week over 3 nights., no more, sometimes less :-/   We don’t kick people for being bad, we focus on helping each other help ourselves get better.  Our only true criteria for joining our raid team, other than an available spot, is the desire and drive to continue progressing toward being as good as we can individually be while also working to improve our performance as a team.  It is a sad day when someone reaches their pinnacle and no longer has any room for improvement, we sometimes miss those people during raids.

Oddly enough we have not, nor do we have any intention of, completing the “Tribute to Dedicated Insanity”

Other Characters / Specs

During serious progression when a new instance is released, I usually run with a second feral DPS/Bear hybrid spec with enough survivability to OT but enough dps to help contribute when needed.

Otherwise, I usually swap my offspec around to whatever is most useful for the content that we are attempting currently.

I also have an 80 Resto Shaman “Xeus” who was my “main” through most of TBC and up through the majority of Ulduar on Wrath.


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