About Dedicated Insanity

Who are Roksi and Xeus/Gaia?

Both Roksi and I have managed to log a lot of time both administrating guilds and leading raids and we have both picked up a lot of wisdom over the years.  Since we first started playing together, a little over 2 years ago at this point, we have had several ongoing discussions about the various ins and outs of what it takes to run a successful guild and lead a group of raiders into a dungeon week after week to kill dragons.  We both thought that it might be fun, definitely interesting, and perhaps even helpful if we were to try and get some of our discussions down in writing somewhere.  This blog, Dedicated Insanity, is what we came up with.

Click here to find out more about us individually: <Roksi> or <Gaia>

What are we going to talk about?

With the upcoming changes to raiding in Cataclysm, it occurred to us that there aren’t a whole lot of resources available for 10man raiding guilds.  We are both regular lurkers in several communities around the internet related to raiding, tanking, forming and managing guilds, leading raids, and killing dragons.  But though there are plenty of guides discussing what it takes to model your group after a bleeding edge world-first type of guild, there aren’t a whole lot of resources out there for people who just want to organize and run a progression oriented, but still family-like raiding group that is still capable of feeding the desires of a progression oriented crowd.

This blog is our take on what is involved in organizing and managing a progression oriented 10man hard mode raiding guild without having to sacrifice the family like atmosphere we love, the close friendships we cherish, or the ability to clear the content at a pace we are all happy with.


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