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Raid Leading and anything else that has to do with herding a successful group of raiding kittens through the dungeons of Azeroth.

ProCo’s T11 Normal Report Card

Status Updates: One reason for a lack of consistent updates is now publicly available here. I am in the process of trying to move some of my more generalized guild/raid management information over to the World of Matticus site.  It … Continue reading

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Definition of Insanity

I absolutely hate the following quote, and I have been seeing it all over the place lately for some reason in relation to guild’s learning how to kill internet dragons: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over … Continue reading

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Stages to Learning a New Boss Fight

I have seen a lot of guilds and pugs that have a hard time figuring out out how to approach a new boss fight.  The process people usually seem to fall back on is to go read bosskillers, stratfu, tankspot, … Continue reading

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Raiding Efficiently: Speed Kills (Bosses)

Way back in the day, I used to participate in a community centered around Quake and Quake II speed clears, among other several other FPS oriented pursuits (Netmech, Descent, and then the Tribes Franchise with a little CS and TFC … Continue reading

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Progression Strategies and Extending Your Raid ID

There is a thread posted on Tankspot by Ciderhelm that Roksi and I have referenced several times to each other over the time we have been working together (actually there are lots of posts like this, but one in particular … Continue reading

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